A large scope of Sidestages work is in crewing. In this service Sidestage provides crew members for large scale events. These crew members are all equipped with an impressive understanding within audio visual practices and technology.

Our crewing services are well sought after because of the ease and our consistent professionalism our clients experiance. You may be asking what this looks like?

It looks like receiving solution focused service. We know that large events often mean a large amount of changes, so we forward think.

GEO Week is the perfect example of when our forward thinking and anticipation allowed us to deliver a reliable and flexible crewing service.

GEO Week included more than 50 representatives from companies, including Planet, Google, Amazon Web Services, Esri Maxar and e-GEOS joined space and technology companies to collaborate towards scaling up the use of open Earth observation (EO) data to address the world’s greatest challenges.

Sidestage were engaged to deliver over 24 crew members, totalling 612 hours!

We knew that we would face a number of changes due to the nature of their events and schedules. And we did, we encountered a total of 50 roster changes. We adapted to this problem by making sure we had a pool of staff members with flexible time schedules and a reliable administration process to communicate these changes.

We had a small pool of staff on 24/7 standby to meet any immediate needs of the client.

As a result of our anticipation we never failed to deliver our crewing service on time. This result was solidified by our client when they increased our scope of services mid-project, demonstrating increased trust in Sidestage’s capacity and delivery.

We’re proud to support our clients, through the medium of crewing, which assists them to deliver production for events such as this.