When you think about an end-of-year ceremony you may set your expectations low. Countless awards, long and mundane in nature. Trinity Christian School’s end-of-year ceremony is everything but this. 

Sidestage provided a full production service to Trinity Christian School for their large scale end of year community gatheringheld at the Tuggeranong Basketball Stadium.

This included supplying stage structures, lighting, audio and vision production.

The work was prescribed to us 5 months prior to the event date, and had numerous planning stages throughout, all the way up to the event date.

The nature of the venue meant that the bump in was only a day before the event, requiring tight schedules. We supplied 8 general crew for bump in and out, 5 operators and one production manager.

For audio, we provided approx. 30 microphones, ranging from wireless handhelds to choir mic’s. This ran through our JBL Line Array (SRX & VRX).

Lighting the event was achieved through the phillopshy ‘simple is best’. This consisted of 5 Zoom LED Wash Moving Head’s, 20 FusionPAR LED’s and 8 of our newly aquired Mac Quantum Profiles!

Due to restrictions regarding weight limits on the floor of the venue, we were unable to access rigging points in the air. This meant that we had to prescribe a ground support system to rig a 30m long rear drape line, as well as two large format projector surfaces.

For the vision component of this job, we provided a number of cameras to provide IMAG (Image Magnification) for guests seated at a far distance.

Our production assisted Trinity to ‘Celebrate’ an amazing 2019. Look out for what 2020 will bring!