If your looking at this post your probably wanting to put your downloaded video onto a USB so that you can give it to a family member or play it on your TV.

You’ve gone to do it and the computer says something like: “There is not enough free space on the drive”. 

At this point one might say “Impossible! The file size is only 8GB and l have a 32GB USB!”.

The reason why you cannot transfer the file is because of the way the USB is formatted. Most consumer USB’s come in a ‘FAT32 file system’.

Let’s assume you have a 32GB USB. This means that while you can store 32GB of data you cannot transfer a file that is above 4GB in size.

The solution to this is to format your USB to ‘exFAT‘. exFAT removes the limit on your trasnfer, so as long as your file is within the USB’s storage capacity you’ll be fine.


If your a Macintosh user, click here to learn how to format your USB to exFAT.

If your a PC user, click here to learn how to format your USB to exFAT.


Computers and laptops will be able to read exFAT however some TV’s are unable to read a exFAT USB.

Click here for alternatives on how to stream to your TV.

If you’d like to pay an additional amount and have us post a USB to you, you can order one here.

If we can further assist you please contact us via our help desk.