Sidestage is offering a cost-effective live streaming and online video distribution platform. This article explains why this is relevant to you, how it is achieved and why it means your event is not cancelled.


You’ve spent months or even years planning your spectacular event, the run sheet is set, the contractors booked and the tickets issued.

Then comes COVID-19.

It’s a wrecking ball of catastrophic proportions, leaving nothing behind but the treaded reality of a cancelled event.

Here at Sidestage we’ve also bore the harsh impacts of COVID-19. In one day alone we lost 70% of work in our pipeline, our clients simply couldn’t let the show go on.

Events with large crowds weren’t coming back soon, it’s a reality that we’ve had to accept.

It was in this newly found down time that Sidestage created a diverse and practical solution. We can live stream your event.

Why this is live streaming relevant to you?

Live streaming lets your event go ahead!

When you live stream you save in operational costs, you’re able to expand your audience and your able to facilitate experience to people in a way that prevents the spread.

Operating costs for events typically include security, catering, cleaning, rentals, decor and venues. With live streaming you reduce the need or rather, the overall scale, for all of these costs.

In a physically attended event you’re going to be constantly fighting with venue capacity and location. Some people can’t attend because it’s ‘too far’, others are there but aren’t allowed in due to venue capacity (not to mention the limited capacity with social distancing measures).

The world of live streaming is the polar opposite, there is no limit to your audience size or availability. As long as your audience has a laptop, phone, tablet or smart TV they can attend. This is the same principle for capacity, even if you plan for 100 people your event is truly unlimited in capacity. A sudden increase is autonomously accommodated.

How is live streaming achieved? 

Let’s pretend you’ve decided to live stream. You’re going to follow three simple 

1. Decide on your delivery and distribution methods.

Streaming your event doesn’t mean that you need to let everyone watch for free. It also doesn’t mean that you have to live stream. We can, instead,  pre-record and then release your video on a certain date. Sidestage offers a PPV (Pay Per View) platform. This means that audience members, alike to paying for physical attendance pay to watch the video online. When we do this we lock out unpaid guests, so you event is only being broadcasted to those that need to be there!

2. Communicate to your attendees.

Clear communication is key. Together we’ll provide a secure platform for your attendees to watch from.

Sidestage also offers advanced technical support measures by way of our smart chat bot. 24/7, were here to render technical assistance.

3. Plan out the shots, the flow and style.

Live streaming your event in practice requires a very similar mindset to having a crowd present, in that you’re still putting on the show. Obviously the biggest difference is the the crowd is behind the camera not in front of the performer. So that your digital audience receives the most immersive and professional experience possible we’ll collaborate with you to identify where the camera’s should be and what other production requires you may need (such as lighting or audio).

4. Let the show go on.

Once we start streaming you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy! There’s really nothing more to it…


Why streaming means your event is not cancelled.

Streaming, be it live or a pre-recorded event allows your event to go ahead, audience can still engage with the performer and you can still (if appropriate to your business model) charge for people to attend.

Sidestage is experienced in providing streaming services to our clients and will continue to offer this practical and professional solution to our clientele throughout this pandemic. Contact us today to learn more!



Can l have a stream with panelists/performers in multiple locations?

You sure can. We have produced successful streams with people from different states (or even overseas).

Can l live stream to Facebook & Youtube?

You can stream to any of these services (simultaneously): Facebook Live, Mixer, Twitch, YouTube Events, Periscope by Twitter, LinkedIn, VK Live, DLive, YouTube Stream Now, Dailymotion, kakaoTV, Naver TV, Nimo TV, V LIVE, GoodGame, Smashcast, Huya,, Bilibili, AfreecaTV, MobCrush, CyberGame, Major League Gaming, Douyu, LiveEdu (Education Ecosystem), Vaughn Live, iNSTAGIB, Breakers.TV, Vapers.TV, Picarto,, FC2 Live, Steam, Tele2 or any custom RTMP.

How much does it cost?

It really depends on the scope of the works (ie. time, location, production requirements), the most basic service you can receive starts at $1000.00.

Can l password protect my content?

Yes! We can provide secure streaming solutions, all via our website.

Can l receive a hardcopy of my content?

Absolutely, we can provide a USB with the content on it.


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